January 10th, 2017

Is It Still Worth Investing In Property Since The Increase In Stamp Duty?}

Is it Still Worth Investing in Property Since the Increase in Stamp Duty?


Graham Flaherty

The 3% increase in stamp duty came into effect on the 1st April 2016, after previously being announced in George Osborne’s Autumn 2015 Budget. We explore whether it is still economically viable to invest in property since the increase, and what sort of properties you can invest in to minimise the effect of the stamp duty increase or completely bypass it altogether.

The Impact of the Increase in Stamp Duty

The cost of an investment property in Birmingham that you may be recommended through an investment property company such as One Touch Property is 168,062.00 which means you’d typically have to pay 5903 in stamp duty costs.

The Increase in Stamp Duty Has Contributed to House Price Slump

One of the main issues that the increase in stamp duty has caused, has been the increased cost in acquiring new property, which has subsequently caused a slump in house price inflation. Whilst this now means it is a good time for potential investors to consider purchasing additional properties, those who already own property will probably be disappointed with the growth in the market. In particular, property prices in London are most affected by the increase in stamp duty, simply because house price are generally more expensive so the stamp duty levied on the properties is proportionately higher. This means that either demand may go down due to the high prices, or property prices may decrease to make up for the increase in stamp duty. In fact, Halifax’s April 2016 House Price Index announced negative growth in terms of house prices, as month on month April 2016 saw average house prices fall by 0.8%, which it attributed to a lack of confidence in the wider economy.

The Increase in Stamp Duty Fails to Dampen Landlords’ Spirits

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The increase in stamp duty seems not to have deterred landlords, as the number of landlords has risen to 1.75 million. This has mainly been due to the increase in lending and cheaper mortgages, as access to funds is one of the main drivers in the property market. Another factor that has contributed to the increase in landlords has been the superior yields, far outstripping interest investors make on their money saved elsewhere.

Another positive is that according to Halifax’s May 2016 House Price Index, house prices are resuming an upward trend, with month-on-month growth of 0.6%. This suggests that the British public still very much has an appetite for property, and is welcome news to existing property investors.

Strategies to Avoid Stamp Duty or Minimise its Effect

Although the stamp duty increase may make some investors think twice about investing in property, it needn’t have to. There are plenty of ways property investors can work around the stamp duty increase or minimise its effect.

Purchase Property in a Company Name

Stamp duty land tax can be avoided by purchasing property in a company name using a business mortgage. This also allows for interest payments to be tax deductible, exponentially increasing your return on investment because mortgages can be granted up to seventy-five per cent of the value of the property which amounts to a lot of interest.

The Number of Mortgage Products Available to Limited Companies is Increasing

The number of products available to limited companies is increasing year-on-year. In H1 2015 there was an average of 99 products available to limited companies, but in H2 this rose to 147 products.

The number of mortgage applications made by companies now accounts for over a third (38%) of all mortgage applications, up from 15% in 2014. It’s also worth noting that mortgage acceptance rates are at an all-time high, so if you’re thinking of investing in property, now is a good time to apply for a mortgage.

Avoid Stamp Duty Altogether with Alternative Investments Such as Car Park Investments

Furthermore, would-be buy-to-let investors are focusing on ways that they can avoid the stamp duty charges altogether or minimise its effect. Car park spaces are exempt from the 3% stamp duty charge because they’re classed as commercial property. Car park investments can also give an 8% net assured income for two years and has a five year exit strategy with buy-back option if you decide that the investment is not for you.

Invest in Properties Outside of London for Lower Stamp Duty Costs

Another option is to consider properties in areas outside of London. As mentioned previously in the article, properties in London are more expensive so there is proportionately more stamp duty to pay. As mentioned in our previous post, The Best Places to Invest in Property in the UK, cities such as Manchester and Liverpool command a much higher rental yield allowing you to maximise your profits. Properties in these cities outside of London are generally much lower, so the amount of stamp duty you’ll have to pay is much lower.

Birmingham is consistently considered one of the best areas for buy-to-let, and was recently named by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) as the number one buy-to-let hotspot outside of London. Average property prices in Britain’s second city are considerably lower than property prices in London. According to Rightmove, overall average property prices in Birmingham currently stand at 168,062, compared to 556,350 in London. For property investors, this means that if they were to invest in property in Birmingham, they’d pay exponentially less in stamp duty compared to investing in London property.

Student properties in Liverpool such as Pembroke Studios command an assured net rental yield of 8% for five years had have a buy-back option after five years. Fortunately, in a city such as Liverpool there will never be a shortage of students looking for high quality accommodation due to its sizeable student population that comprises 12% of the city’s overall population. Pembroke Studios is conveniently placed within a mile’s radius of four universities in Liverpool, so it’s desirably situated for an overwhelming number of students.

In conclusion, property investment is definitely still a viable way to achieve good returns, especially when interest rates for money kept in savings accounts is at record low. We advise property investors to make cautious decisions when it comes to investment, and consider investing in towns and cities outside of London where possible. For those looking to bypass stamp duty altogether, we recommend car park investments or other commercial investments that do not incur stamp duty charges.

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New Icelandic government to take office today

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The newly formed Icelandic coalition interim government will take office today, according to a coalition leader. The new government will also include a new prime minister, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, the country’s and the world’s first openly gay prime minister.

“If everything goes as planned now a new government will take over [this] afternoon,” said Steingrimur Sigfusson, who heads the Left-Green Movement.

On January 27, it was announced that the nation’s coalition government had collapsed and dissolved following a banking financial crisis. In October of 2008, Iceland’s banking sector collapsed and was largely nationalised. Iceland’s interest rate is now 18%, with GDP expected to fall 9.6% this year. Inflation has reached 13.1%. Just before the announcement of the government taking office, nearly 1,500 people were protesting outside the parliament building over the collapsed government and the recent financial crisis, but protesters seemed happy about the change.

“The demands of the people have been met. Therefore today is a celebration,” said protest organizer Hordur Torfason to the crowd who were cheering about hearing the news.

The new minority coalition will consist of Jóhanna’s Social Democratic Alliance and the Left-Green Movement with backing from the Progressive Party. Jóhanna will be replacing the current prime minister, Geir Haarde who resigned on January 26, and is the chairmen of the nation’s independent party and a critic of Jóhanna. He criticizes her appointment because he believes she will not help the economic crisis, resulting in more government spending.

The quick appointment of the new government also means an early election, which is scheduled to take place on April 25.

Danish PM pushes for new referendum on euro

Friday, November 7, 2008

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Prime Minister of Denmark, said on Tuesday that he will seek broad parliamentary support for a national referendum on joining the euro, the common currency of the Eurozone.

“I’m convinced that we need broad support in parliament to hold a referendum, because it’s about the Danish currency and about stability and safety,” he said, speaking at his weekly press conference. “Recent events have shown the necessity to give the population the opportunity to vote on Denmark joining the euro.”

Berlingske Tidende is reporting that Rasmussen is meeting with political leaders to negotiate support for the referendum.

In 1992, Danish voters rejected the Maastrict Treaty in a referendum. It was only able to pass the following year after the Edinburgh Agreement granted Denmark an opt-out of the third stage of the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union (EMU).

In 2000, Denmark again rejected the common currency in a euro referendum. The current currency of the Scandinavian country is the Danish krone. As part of stage two of the EMU, the exchange rate of the krone is allowed to fluctuate within a ±2.25% range to the euro.

In order to maintain this peg Danmarks Nationalbank, the central bank, adjusts interest rates and performs foreign exchange operations by buying and selling currency. To do this, Danmarks Nationalbank has had to raise rates twice, even as other central banks, including the European Central Bank (ECB), were lowering rates to deal with the current economic crisis.

As a result, interest rates in Denmark are now 175 basis points higher than the ECB’s rates. As recently as May, the difference was only 25 basis points.

Rasmussen heads the Venstre party which leads a minority coalition government. The main opposition party, the Social Democrats, also support adopting the euro as the nation’s currency.

While there has long been support among the politicians, the euro has failed when it has been put before the voters. However, recent opinion polls have shown a growing support for the euro among Danes. The most recent of these have seen those in favor just topping the 50% level needed to pass a referendum.

Rasmussen has said he wants a referendum put before voters before 2011. His government had originally planned to hold a referendum this past September to abolish the EMU opt-outs, but that was scrapped when Ireland voted down the Treaty of Lisbon.

On October 30, while in Stockholm, Sweden, Rasmussen said: “The euro ensures political and economical stability in Europe and the current financial turmoil makes it evident that Denmark has to join the Euro.”

Analysts consulted by Berlingske Tidende have said that an endorsement from the Socialist People’s Party (SF) could prove to be the tide-turner.

“If there was a vote, then I would vote Yes. But I am of the opinion that it is stupid to hold a vote unless we first have a real debate. We haven’t had a debate in eight years and all arguments need to be tested,” said Margrete Auken of SF.

Czech PM calls Obama’s rescue plan a ‘road to hell’

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mirek Topolanek, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and the head of the European Union, called United States President Barack Obama’s plan to spend almost US$2 trillion to revive the country’s faltering economy a “road to hell”.

“The US treasury secretary talks about permanent action and we at our [EU summit] were quite alarmed by that. He talks about an extensive US stimulus campaign. All of these steps are the road to hell,”((translated from Czech)) he said, warning that the US’s massive bailouts could risk destabilising financial markets worldwide. He urged other EU governments to avoid making similar plans.

The remarks were made during Topolanek’s report to Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France on Wednesday.

The comments are in sharp contrast to UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown‘s speech to the European Parliament on Tuesday, in which he spoke of a “new era” of cooperation in the ongoing global recession between the United States and Europe.

“Never in recent years have we had an American leadership so keen at all levels to cooperate with Europe on financial stability, climate change, security and development,” Brown said Tuesday.

Mirek Topolanek has become a lame duck prime minister after he was ousted in a vote of no confidence in his government in Prague late Tuesday.

September 10th, 2016

Samsung Brings Forth The Champion In The Form Of Samsung C3303 Champ

Samsung Brings Forth the Champion in the Form of Samsung C3303 Champ


Monty Alexander

Samsung, a well known brand in the field of home appliances, is now also being recognized as one of the best mobile manufacturing companies in India. By setting its feet firm now, Samsung brings forth the champion in the form of Samsung C3303 Champ.

Samsung C3303 Champ is a touch screen phone being available at a very affordable price range. Possessing a touch screen mobile phone is much in vogue these days; hence, people who want to have a touch screen mobile phone can select the Samsung C3303 Champ. These mobile phones are also available in the online shops from where people can buy them easily. The additional benefit of shopping through the online shops is that, one can know the complete specification from there and in fact, also compare the features and price of the similar mobiles. Though this can be done at any other shop which sells mobiles, but the online shops can be explored without any wastage of time. Therefore, when time is not available, the online shops make it possible for the people to do the shopping.

YouTube Preview Image

Coming back to the features of the Samsung champ, let us focus on the key features of this Samsung mobile phone. Apart from being a stylish touch screen mobile phone, the Samsung champ mobile also has the MP3 player, which is an indispensible feature for any mobile. MP3 players in a mobile phone make it possible for the people to listen and play songs anytime they wish. This feature is mostly liked by the young people. In addition to this, the Samsung C3303 Champ mobile phone has a 1.3 megapixel camera with which one can click some very beautiful pictures and make some excellent video clips of friends and family members. This way, this Samsung mobile phone can add a lot of fun and excitement to the lives of people.

Owing to the availability of the above mentioned features, the Samsung C3303 Champ mobile phone is being welcomed whole heartedly by the mobile lovers. But what makes a real champion is the price of the Samsung mobile phone. At such an affordable price range, it is really tough to find another match for the Samsung C3303 Champ mobile and hence, most people believe that this Samsung mobile phone is a champion.

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March 16th, 2016

Tamil Nadu Elections: DMK, AIADMK promise freebies

Thursday, March 24, 2011 

Both the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) and the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) parties have announce “freebies” as part of their election manifestos in the lead-up to the vote in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Freebies have been a success from the 2006 Tamil Nadu elections when DMK lured voters by announcing free colour televisions to households. That triumph led the major opposition AIADMK to announce similar freebies in their manifesto published Thursday.

DMK has announced free laptops to college students, kitchen appliances and modern networks to rural regions. The AIADMK, publishing their manifesto later, expanded on each of the promises of the DMK, plus offering 4g gold mangalsutra for the poor, monetary help for rural households and fishermen, free rice, and more.

AIADMK manifesto addresses larger issues, such as taking on the near-monopoly of the cable industry television industry, starting new Power generation plants to address power shortages in recent years.

March 13th, 2016

Wikipedia victim of onslaught of April Fool’s jokes

Friday, April 1, 2005 

Today Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone with access to the Internet can edit, was the victim of an onslaught of practical jokes, as April Fool’s Day kicked in various timezones around the world, at least those parts which follow the Gregorian calendar. It is believed that Wikipedia contributors were kept busy tidying up and removing prank articles and changes made by other Wikipedia contributors, and were expecting to be cleaning up the aftermath for days afterwards.

The most highly visible prank was the 2005 Britannica takeover of Wikimedia encyclopaedia article. Other pranks included:

Most edits which were judged (rightly or wrongly) as April Fool’s Day pranks were quickly undone, although tacit community consensus left several to stand throughout the whole period of April Fool’s Day. Being accessible worldwide (by people who can afford Internet access) in all timezones, April Fool’s Day lasts for more than 24 hours at Wikipedia. The change to the deletion notice was undone within 31 minutes, for example, despite the notice being altered at 05:08 UTC, night-time in Europe and the United States.

Several Wikipedia contributors have expressed their dismay at the amount of work being generated, though these views may or may not be indicitive of the contributor base at large:

Other Wikipedians have shown dismay at how quickly the April Fools gags are undone:

July 18th, 2015

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Lice

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By Gracie Roloff

Having lice is a common problem especially when your kids acquire them. There are different types of lice and the most common is head lice. Getting rid of these head lice is not that easy as you may think because they produced hundreds of eggs every day. Having head lice would never be good for our child’s health and their increasing population in their head should be removed right away. The other types of lice that infest the human are the pubic lice and the body lice, but they are less common than the head lice. There are certain ways to get rid of them and one must follow and do them regularly to prevent re-occurrence of head lice. Be aware that using particular nit comb to remove them is not enough because there are thousands of eggs that stay in the scalp so might as well use other alternatives that are more effective.

Here are some of the ways to get rid of head lice:


Get a handful of mayonnaise in your kitchen and cover your child’s head with it. Add some more to make sure all areas are covered. Spread it behind the ears and down the neck because their eggs are also staying there. Leave the hair for two hours and wash it with water and shampoo.

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After taking a regular shower, wash your child’s hair and scalp with vinegar. This will help loosen the lice eggs. Then rinse your child’s hair with hot water, make sure that its temperature is tolerable to prevent burn.

Natural Lice Spray or Shampoo

These products can greatly help you get rid of lice but caution is observed when using them because they are poisonous. Do not let your child spray or use them on their own.

Proper Washing of Clothes, Hats and Beddings

Regular washing of clothes and beddings is not a guarantee that you already eliminate all the lice and eggs. Head lice and other kinds of lice are vulnerable to severe instability of temperature. So the best way to kill them is by using heat. You can have hot water to wash your hair and dry them using a hair dryer after every bath.

What you’re going to find is that many people have a problem with lice, and while you will more than likely have to shave your head to get rid of the problem for the time being, you’re going to want to make sure that you prevent it in the future.

What you’re going to want to do is make sure that you talk with your Doctor, as well as ask someone at a salon on what they recommend for the issue. You will find that there are many shampoos out there that can help ease the problem. You’re going to want to make sure that you continue to do the process, as you will want to be sure that you’re preventing things such as this so that it never comes back again. By doing so, you can kiss lice goodbye!

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July 18th, 2015

Muslim hair stylist sues hairdresser over alleged discrimination

Friday, November 9, 2007 

British-born Muslim hair stylist Bushra Noah is currently undertaking legal action against the owner of a hair salon for alleged religious discrimination. Noah is suing London hair salon owner Sarah Desroiser. Desroiser who runs a salon in King’s Cross, has said that she would not accept Noah as a stylist if Noah’s hair was covered. Noah, like many devout Muslims keeps her hair covered in public places, believing it to be immodest otherwise.

Noah claims that her headscarf is a fundamental part of her religious beliefs and that wearing the scarf would not interfere in her carrying out the job at all. Desrosiers said that it is not discrimination but rather that “the essence of my line of work is the display of hair. To me, it’s absolutely basic that people should be able to see the stylist’s hair. It has nothing to do with religion. It is just unfortunate that for her covering her hair symbolises religion.” Desosiers added that she had worked with Muslims in the past and employs a Muslim accountant.

Noah claims that the state of her own hair is irrelevant to her ability to style others hair.

The last few years have seen a string of similar cases in Britain. Last year, there was a case over whether a British Airways employee could wear a prominent cross, and another case in which a teacher argued that she had a right to wear a Jilb?b (a traditional Islamic dress that covers almost the entire body) in the classroom. In that case, the teacher lost in the High Court.

June 19th, 2015

Choosing Among Stand Alone Vs Hosted Shopping Cart

Choosing Among Stand Alone Vs Hosted Shopping Cart


Amelia Brooke

Starting your own online store or shopping cart is not at all a difficult business proposition by technical terms. Once you have the merchandise to sell, then the platform and every other associated requirement can be made available with the help of a shopping cart software. You can easily create an ecommerce website to sell almost anything by these software. Today there are a number of such software applications available that provide you with detailed instructions and customization tools to develop the most suitable shopping cart website for your online retail business. Mainly there are two choices. One is a standalone shopping cart software and the other is

hosted shopping cart

software. Both are meant for the same purpose i.e. helping you with creating an ecommerce website easily. The difference between the two is that in a hosted shopping cart software, the website you develop would be hosted on the server of the software provider whereas in standalone shopping cart software, you have to host the website on your own servers or on rented server space elsewhere.

The question that probably arises here is to determine how to choose between these two. Well it really depends on how well equipped and technically sound your business is as well as the financial propaganda of your business. If you are a start up business stepping into the world of online selling it is best advised for you to select a hosted shopping cart software. The advantages are many as described below:

YouTube Preview Image

You don t have to know the complexities of hosting and server space issues. The software provider would offer you with all these services along with the software but for a price that is higher than a standalone software for shopping.

You do not have to build or set up an infrastructure for hosting your eCommerce website and you do not have to recruit staff to maintain your infrastructure as well.

There is no need to worry about network issues such as bandwidth, speed, server bottlenecks, etc as you only need to choose a

shopping cart software

from a reputed developer who would have reliable infrastructure to support your hosting needs as well.

When you take into consideration, the infrastructure costs you would have to spend on setting up a hosting environment for your website, the staff salary for the infrastructure, periodic maintenance and repair costs, time and effort, etc the high price you pay for initially for a hosted shopping cart software and the small hosting fee you pay every month or on a yearly basis to the developer can be justified easily.

In short for an online store that is stepping out of its cocoon, a hosted shopping cart software is the best option because the owner of the store can relax and concentrate on more important issues of his business rather than being bothered by complex technical issues pertaining to web hosting and server maintenance. On the other hand if you have enough technical expertise and enough infrastructural as well as manpower support and considerable financial assets, then a standalone shopping cart software might just prove enough for you to maintain an online store.

Amelia is having vast knowledge in various trends and techniques in internet world. Know more about various

open source shopping cart software

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